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2T2 Percival Springs

N 39 00.87' W 88 32.36'

Runway 18-36 2000x100 (turf) 0.4% up N

Predominantly ultralight and short take off and landing activity

Pilots adised to monitor 122.8 due to close proximity of Effingham County Memorial Airport.

Air Evac Base 28 EMS helicopter continuous operation with extensive activity is based at the north end of the airport.

Lighted windsock on top of Air Evac hangar is lighted with flood lights.

Runway ends marked with orange cones on each side of Runway.


2015-08-13 AirplaneOnRunway.jpg

"Short grass strip, about as 'back country' as you'll get in IL, so just getting in and out is half the experience. Restaurant is very much what you'd find in a small town, maybe a bit run down, but clean. People were super friendly and the pizza we had was excellent. Lots of food options, home made cakes & pies. Owners cell is listed in chart supplement; shes super friendly and happy to give a report on field condition. She met us in a golf cart, took pictures, and was a great host. Definitely a fun place to fly."

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